Guerlain Little Black Dress Perfume(3)

15/10/2021 li Anne

As a real black controller, open the closet, basically all black clothes, not only look thin, but also have a special temperament! Every woman should have a little black dress. Whether attending a banquet or attending any important occasion, the little black dress will never be wrong. The importance of the little black dress in the clothing industry is equivalent to that of Guerlain in the perfume industry. she has gone through decades, it has become a must-have in all women’s wardrobes. Of course, such a beautiful dress must be accompanied by fragrance~


The heavy perfume ordered at the Fragrance Salon last year is sweet but not greasy, charming but not demon, joyful but not entertaining, melancholy but not vulgar. It is the fresh type that I always like. I can finally publish it, one more sentence: every perfume has a story behind it, and the little black dress is elegant and low-key. When you want to attend an occasion and hesitate how to wear it, it may be the heartbeat moment of its appearance.

娇兰Guerlain - 小黑裙舞动香水(泡泡袖小黑裙)La Petite Robe Noire EDP 100ml/3.3oz (F) - 香水|  Free Worldwide Shipping | 草莓网CN

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