Guerlain Little Black Dress Perfume(2)

15/10/2021 li Anne

Netizen evaluation
Guerlain little black dress perfume has strong fragrance and light fragrance. The pattern on the strong perfume bottle is a small black dress with short sleeves, and the pattern on the Eau de Toilette bottle is the kind of sleeveless low-cut skirt.

娇兰小黑裙香水多少钱 娇兰小黑裙香水专柜价格 第3张

Personally, I don’t particularly like the little black dress. I think it’s a bit too sweet. So I will choose eau de toilette myself. There is still a difference between the two, but the difference is not obvious. There are some changes in the composition between the two models.

娇兰小黑裙香水好闻吗娇兰小黑裙香水哪个味道比较好- 星女圈

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