America’s most distinctive beauty products(5)

09/10/2021 li Anne

ice mineral bright highlight cake

This is a popular highlight on the dcard beauty board! Not only the extensibility is good enough, but also there is no flying powder problem, plus the super cheap price, the cp value is completely exploded ~ not only the hand color is excellent, but the gloss after the face is beautiful and screaming!

什么高光平价又好用 5款必收开架高光推荐 第3张

nce Essence Mermaid Glossy Brightening Cream Cake

Essence has always been one of the representative brands of the “popular bowl” in open-shelf makeup ~ and this mermaid highlight was sold out as soon as it was on the shelves! Behind his face is a delicate and subtle silver light. If you don’t like girls with exaggerated flashes, you can try this one~ Really become a temperament fairy immediately!

什么高光平价又好用 5款必收开架高光推荐 第2张

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