America’s most distinctive beauty products(4)

09/10/2021 li Anne

TOP 7, Clarisonic cleansing brush
Recommended reason: Clarisonic Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush uses ultrasonic waves, combined with rotation and vibration, to deeply clean the skin. It is not only a good helper for daily cleansing, but also a must for makeup remover. Popular in the United States is also strongly sought after by Chinese in the United States.

護膚品推薦:美國最具特色美妝品TOP 7 第7張

1028 Glittering High Disc

Last year’s 1028 limited edition perfect ten-cut high CDs were snatched up from the market. Both bloggers and netizens were praised one-sidedly. Even the editor himself ran three Watsons before buying it~ and the newly listed one A high-profile disc, the powdery quality is so fine that there is nothing to say, and you are not afraid of showing pores at all

什么高光平价又好用 5款必收开架高光推荐

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