America’s most distinctive beauty products(3)

09/10/2021 li Anne

TOP 5, Laura Mercier Cream
Recommended reason: In the United States, colored creams appeared earlier and more popular than BB creams. This cream can effectively even out the skin tone and brighten the skin, which is less burden on the skin than foundation.

護膚品推薦:美國最具特色美妝品TOP 7 第5張

TOP 6, La Mer Soft Cream
Recommended reason: La mer’s miracle cream is the treasure of La Mer. But many people often ignore the emulsification process when using it, or find it very troublesome. As a major brand in the United States, it must be one of the indispensable skin care products for American MMs.

護膚品推薦:美國最具特色美妝品TOP 7 第6張

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