Niche beauty brand recommendation(1)

29/09/2021 li Anne

As consumption habits continue to change, people’s use of social networks is gradually different. It is no longer just the function of sharing life, it has also become a way for many people to obtain new information, and it is also a channel for many niche brands to flourish.

小众化妆品牌必推产品 5个网友认证的小众美妆品牌推荐

Niche cosmetic brands must push products
In terms of beauty and maintenance, brands that have emerged from social networking sites are not only more affordable, but also more credible. Glossier, The Ordinary or OUAI are all good examples.

小众化妆品牌必推产品 5个网友认证的小众美妆品牌推荐 第2张

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