Innisfree Green Tea Series(4)

24/09/2021 li Anne

In 2014, a new version of the green tea series was launched, and three models for people with different skin types were intimately launched: refreshing, moisturizing, and mixed! Among them, the refreshing type and moisturizing type do not have emulsions, but instead are essences.

悦诗风吟innisfree青苹果洗面奶好用吗悦诗风吟青苹果洗面奶适合什么年龄- 星女圈

Refreshing type: There is no lotion in this section, instead of the essence, you can use the cream afterwards ~ pure natural green tea water, refreshing absorption, to provide the skin with the most natural vitality of the journey. 100% moisture effect makes the skin softer, smoother and healthier.

悦诗风吟西柚色口红是几号悦诗风吟西柚色口适合黄皮吗- 星女圈

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