Innisfree Green Tea Series(2)

24/09/2021 li Anne

What is the order of use of Innisfree Green Tea Series
Innisfree organic green tea moisturizing series, like a water pump to fill the skin with water, pure natural green tea products, have outstanding water-locking ability, delicate and rich foam, strong cleansing power, while moisturizing the skin, making the skin look bright,natural,vitality

悦诗风吟绿茶系列有哪些产品 悦诗风吟绿茶系列使用顺序 第5张

Most skin care products use toner first-then essence, but the essence of Innisfree green tea can promote the absorption of the product better than water. Therefore, use the essence first and then the toner. The water is like a drop of water, like a drop of water. The hand feel is soft and refreshing, easy to absorb and quickly care for the skin with excellent moisture balance.

悦诗风吟是乐天的吗?悦诗风吟是哪个国家的? - 星女圈

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