Innisfree Green Tea Series(1)

24/09/2021 li Anne

What products are in the Innisfree Green Tea Series
Innisfree’s eternal star product, containing 100% pure green tea, locks in the skin’s surface moisture and is naturally fresh. The full range includes basic water, lotion, essence, face cream, eye cream, facial cleanser, sunscreen, spray, antiperspirant, sunscreen BB cream and body lotion to shower cream and so on.

悦诗风吟绿茶系列有哪些产品 悦诗风吟绿茶系列使用顺序

This series of Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Spray is very small and exquisite, with a capacity of only 50ml, which is convenient to carry at any time. It is a highly effective moisturizer that provides comprehensive nutrition, instantly locks in water, greatly enhances the comfort of the skin, and can effectively resist excessive sebum secretion, giving the skin a cooling, calming and moisturizing effect.

悦诗风吟绿茶系列有哪些产品 悦诗风吟绿茶系列使用顺序 第2张

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