Emerging domestic brand—Huaxizi(1)

14/09/2021 li Anne

How about Huaxizi cosmetics
As an emerging brand of domestic products, Huaxizi focuses on user experience, the product packaging is simple and refreshing, the use is good, the price is easy to use, and overall it is a good domestic make-up brand.

花西子化妝品怎麼樣 花西子屬於什麼檔次 第2張

The Huaxizi products recommended by beauty experts are loose powder, cushion, and eyebrow pencil. There are also shops in the Taobao flagship store. The average price of the products is about tens of yuan, and the most expensive is only a hundred yuan. It is very suitable for people who just learned makeup and student party friends.

花西子口红怎么样花西子口红成分安全吗- 星女圈

What grade does Huaxizi belong to?
Belongs to the third line, low-end grade. As a domestic cosmetics, Huaxizi initially targeted young people aged 20-30, taking the route of being close to the people, so the price is very easy to accept.

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