Dior autumn makeup recommendations(3)

17/09/2021 li Anne

Diorshow Bold Brow Brow Dye Gel
It is rich in microfibers to create a furry visual effect. Vitamin E, B5 and B8 ingredients promote the growth of eyebrows. With a fine brush head, eyebrow makeup can be completed quickly and easily. Three shades are available.

dior迪奥惊艳盈密睫毛膏多少钱 dior迪奥惊艳盈密睫毛膏怎么样 第2张

Diorblush Colour & Light
The double-headed cheek color stick that combines matte blush and gloss highlight to make cheeks rosy and brighten the face.
Rouge Dior
Rouge Dior lipstick launches six new color numbers: Sensual Matte nude (matte), Hypnotic Matte rosewood (matte), Eccentric rose brown, Enigmatic wine red, Sophisticated Matte berry red (matte), 999 Metallic orange Red (metallic luster).

迪奥眼线笔怎么用法 迪奥眼线笔多少钱一支

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