Dior autumn makeup recommendations(2)

17/09/2021 li Anne

Create a capable, independent, fashionable, modern and bold personality of a female image. Inspired by the collision of metallic colors and matte colors, the new flagship product Metalizer Eyes & Lips is launched. The extra delicate metallic luster particles are blended into a light and quick-drying texture to create a charming metallic luster. It can be used as eye shadow or lip gloss, or it can be superimposed on matte lipstick to achieve different effects. All 6 colors

迪奥秋季新款彩妆什么时候上市 迪奥秋季新款彩妆有什么 第3张

Diorshow 5 Couleurs
Five-color eyeshadow has launched two new color numbers, Magnetize silver gray combined with sparkling charcoal black, and Hypnotize warm earth color, golden and chocolate color fusion.

dior迪奥惊艳盈密睫毛膏多少钱 dior迪奥惊艳盈密睫毛膏怎么样

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