Dior autumn makeup recommendations(1)

17/09/2021 li Anne

When will Dior’s new fall 2017 make-ups go on sale?
Dior 2017 autumn make-up time to market on sale time: on the market in August
The theme of Dior’s 2017 autumn makeup is “metal dazzling color”: Peter Philips, the global makeup creative image director, uses saturated colors and delicate textures to combine and collide with metallic luster and powder mist colors, exploring more different makeup changes. Up to 10 items. 2017-06-18Does the Dior Poison Girl smell good? How much does the Dior Poison Girl cost

迪奥秋季新款彩妆什么时候上市 迪奥秋季新款彩妆有什么

What are Dior’s fall 2017 makeup
DIOR 2017 Fall Makeup Collection Dior Metallics Collection:
Product Description:
Metalizer Eyes & Lips

迪奥秋季新款彩妆什么时候上市 迪奥秋季新款彩妆有什么 第2张

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