Domestic cosmetics are worth buying

30/07/2021 li Anne

How sweet!It’s too smooth!According to past experience, too smooth eyeliner is mostly easy to halo makeup.As a result, not only do not faint makeup is also special lasting, the eye makeup down the who,le day is still stable, and did not take off the panda eyes.

As the name suggests, there are two colors in this plate, the light color is used to shape the nose, and the dark color is used to adjust the overall outline. This plate basically completes the entire face.Orange two-color repair overall is still very worthwhile, its powder is more delicate, also pressed very solid, no flying powder.

Oddity eye shadow light from the packaging, is an acrylic shell, ordinary.But can’t carry it to use ah!Its silky texture is particularly good, very delicate, especially good makeup, no flying powder, color is also very good.

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